Paying Rent

Please read on for our payment methods and policies regarding late rent.

We prefer electronic payments because it’s easier for you, and for us, or you can visit an ANZ branch.

Gillmore Property bank details are:

BSB: 016-495
Account: 417598116

Please use the specific reference number that was supplied when you moved in.

There may be situations where late payment is unavoidable and all we ask is that you keep us informed, at least 3 days prior to the due date. This information is important to the landlord so they can maintain their financial commitments.

Our arrears policy is:

  • 2 days overdue - Email / sms reminder
  • 4 days overdue - Phone call from the Property Manager
  • 7 days overdue - Reminder letter
  • 10 days overdue - Phone call advising that they will receive a breach on the 15thday.
  • 15 days overdue - Notice to Remedy Breach of Agreement – Rent Unpaid is served and the eviction process begins

If a tenant is continually late, we recommend to the landlord that the lease is not renewed. In extreme cases, the details of the tenancy will be lodged with the National Tenancy Database and TICA.

All Residential Real Estate services provided by Finance Centre (WA)  Pty Ltd trading as Gillmore Property

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