Our professional service is very economic and we carry out all the processes other Property Management Companies provide and more, but do not charge all the extras. Do not be fooled when a company states a low management fee. Ask what their fully inclusive percentage rate is (this is usually between 14% and 18%)? 
Once property is tenanted Ours is 8.5% plus gst , it is very hard to beat, in fact we have not yet been beaten.

8.5% plus GST (9.35%) ‘All Inclusive Service’
1.5 week let fee plus GST, which includes all marketing. You will receive professional photography, a larger ‘Highlight Listing’ for 30 days on realestate.com.au  at no extra cost to you.

$220 for your first Property Condition Report.

Below services are ALL INCLUSIVE  at no extra charge 

Exit Condition Reports                                                               
Property Condition Report updates-                                          
Lease Negotiation Fee-                                                               
Lease Documentation Renewals-                                               
Rental Increase Negotiations-                                                    
Rental Appraisal Reports                                                         
Routine Inspections and Reports- 3 monthly                              
Final Bond Preparation and Report-                                            
Property attendance-                                                                   
Owner/Client meetings-                                                               
Monthly Statements and Rent Payments                                    
Annual Financial Summary Report-                                             
Postage & Petties Monthly-                                                         
Payments of Strata-Fees                                                               
Comparative rental appraisal reports on request-                    
Property title search                                                                        
Payment of your quarterly utility bills and rates                         
Maintenance processes & quotes                                                
Creditor payments                                                                           
Organisation and or payment of Landlords insurance              
Highlight property advertising on realestate.com.au                

All Residential Real Estate services provided by Finance Centre (WA)  Pty Ltd trading as Gillmore Property

(ABN 16 082 631 561  Licenced Real Estate and Business Agent in WA RA76604)