Buyer’s Advocate  specialising in Western Australian property investment

It’s important to understand that not all properties in a specific city, suburb or street experience the same price growth. There are many factors that drive increases in property values and, as such, property selection is key to significantly growing your wealth in your investment property portfolio. Our work closely with our in-house research department to find properties that outperform the market allowing you to reach your investment goals sooner.

How our Buyer’s Agent service works:

In-house property market research team

Our research department monitors and completes detailed analysis of the property market (in Perth and State wide) to identify future growth areas for our clients to invest in. They then provide this information to the Buyer’s Agents who can use the research to help you make better informed investment property purchases with greater return on investment.

Your Buyer’s Agent representative

Our expert team of buyer’s agents are licensed professionals who specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of property investors. Your agent will present you with properties they deem to be good investments based on the research provided by the research team, advise and consult you every step of the way, negotiate the best price on the property sale and manage the whole sales process for you.

Why do you need a Buyer’s Agent?

Most investors don’t have the time to conduct the adequate research required to find the best investment properties, whether in Perth or around the state, that will generate significant personal wealth. Our buyer’s agents work on your behalf to find you high-performing investment properties that suit your long-term investment strategy. Choosing the right investment property, which experiences high capital growth, can be a launching pad to your next acquisition and help you to build a massive property portfolio much more quickly. However, choosing the wrong investment property, which records only small capital growth or even loses value, can be a significant financial setback. Gaining specialist from professional buyer’s agents is key to accelerating your personal wealth through property investment.

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